Useless Dog Tricks

Useless Dog Tricks is a funny video series I put together on YouTube starring my dog Raja. All jokes aside, training provides great mental stimulation, even when the behaviors have no practical application in the real world.

Target training a kookaburra

This is the Sadie's first training session. I'm waiting for her to investigate my closed fist. Once she gets close, I click the clicker and open my hand and give her the treat I was hiding in my hand... a live cricket! I eventually move my hand further and further away and have her walk to it, clicking her for getting close. I usually target train animals by encouraging them to touch my hand, but kookaburra stab their prey with their beaks (it doesn't cut them, it's more like hitting it with a really thin hammer). So being close to my hand was sufficient enough for me.

Cat training

I trained our cat like our dog

Other Pets

When I worked at a pet store